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Bank End Kidz Klub starts at 5:30pm and finishes at 7:00pm every Monday evening. The venue is Bank End Primary School, Underwood Ave, Bank End

 If you would like your child to join, please contact the office and we can let you know whether there is space and if not, get your child on the waiting list.

Telephone number: (01226) 718899. Email:

The club is run by a team of staff and volunteers and is structured in a way that the children enjoy. Every week there is a theme or topic, for example, 'Healthy Eating', 'Cyber Bullying', etc. The first section of the programme usually involves a fun game or craft activity. We then have a refreshments break allowing the children to mix and socialise. For the next 15 minutes we have presentations on the weeks topic. The final part of our club is an extended period which can involve, dance, drama, crafts, music, quizzes, sports and games or anything that kids find entertaining and interesting. Dan, Beth and Sam lead this club with support from some of our excellent volunteers – Caitlin, Courtney, Jake, Britt, Hayley and Ethan

bank end kk
Bank End Kidz Klub with leaders Dan, Sam, Jake and Jess.

End Of Term Prize Winners Easter 2017

Term Prize Winners         |  Sienna & Jordan

Term Prize Runners Up   |  Lucy & Kyle