Community Theatre Project – DEEP DOWN

For those of you that don't know, behind the work we do at Exodus we are harbouring some phenomenal talent.
That's right! At the beginning of June a number of Staff Members and Volunteers will be taking centre stage in a community theatre production!  
Starring Exodus favourites such as Martin and Jackie who will be displaying some truly oscar worthy performances! 
A night not to be missed!

deep down

A Celebration of Life in a South Yorkshire Mining Community

Inspired by the recollections and reminiscences of the residents of some of the former mining communities in and around Barnsley, Deep Down is a piece of community theatre, telling – in drama and song – the story of life in one such pit village, from the 1930s to the present day.

It is about the miners’ life, with its toil and its dangers, but also about the shared experience of the miners’ lives and the comradeship and humour which sees them all through. And it is about the miners’ families – their wives and children – and the pleasures and privations of their lives, too. But mostly, it is about that sense of belonging, of being rooted deep down in the very place where they live, which makes those pit villages into communities, somewhere which is as much a part of you as you are of it.

The play is presented as a joint venture between the Barnsley Methodist Circuit and the Exodus Project.

All proceeds from this presentation will go to support the work of the Exodus Project and taking a group of young people to a summer camp, Soul Survivor.

Text/ring 07929621018 for tickets.

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