Breaking News! Exodus set to close down after nearly 20 years

Exodus set to close down after nearly 20 years!

This could be the headline in a few short months if Exodus doesn’t find alternative funding sources.

We recently heard that we have been unsuccessful in getting continuation funding from the lottery, who have supported us for the last 5 years. In addition, a large London based Trust who have helped us for 12 years are no longer able to support us. Our work is respected and admired by both funders but they have drawn the conclusion that we need to seek alternative sources now and to work towards being more self-sustaining.

We have a trustees meeting planned for 7th March where we will discuss our options and make recommendations for the continuation of the charity. If we don’t have a significant injection of funds before the end of March, we will have no choice but to close down some clubs and reduce our camps and other activities.

We have been dependent for too long on large funders giving us large grants. We need to build up smaller amounts from individual local supporters and that’s where our lovely Facebook followers and encouragers can help.

If everyone who likes us on Facebook gave £5 per month (and some of course might be able to give more) we would have enough to keep all our activities going without the need for larger trusts and foundations.

Please, please think about doing this for us. We want to be able to carry on for another 20 years and with your help we will.

It couldn’t be easier. Email us with your home address or message us on Facebook. We will then send you a “Footsteps” leaflet and a pre-paid envelope. All you will need to do is fill in the instruction to your bank on our Footsteps form, send it back to us in the pre-paid envelope and we will do the rest. If you prefer, just private message us and request our bank details and we will message you back so you can set up your own BACS payment through mobile banking. We are choosing this approach rather than donate buttons on our web-site or Facebook, because this way we get 100% of your donation and we can claim gift aid for those who pay the right amount of tax.

Don’t just scroll past please. We need you to stand with us. PM now before you forget. Once you’ve messaged us, please share this with those you think might be able to help us. Add a recommendation to your share, so they know we can be trusted and have a great track record. Thank you friends.

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