🇬🇧 Exodus’s Got Talent! 🇬🇧

We were blown away last week in our Kidz Klubs with the variety of talent that was presented to us across all 8 clubs!

From Music  to Dance  to Gymnastics  to Football  to Artwork  to Mime Performances  to Stage Combat  to Juggling Whilst Making Animal Noises 🐑 (?) to Taking Off Shoes And Chasing The Audience With Them  to The 5 Stages Of Becoming A Pug 🐕 – We truly saw it all!!

Congratulations to all our winners 
BUT an even bigger well done to everyone who joined in and was brave enough to show us a talent!  
We are very proud of you all! 


Abigail and Phoebe from Staincross performing a flute duet

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