Jenny’s Field

Jenny’s Field

Jenny's Field (pictured right) is the name of our weekend activity Centre at South Hiendley. It is a former Methodist Church building with two acres of land and has been adapted for use as a children's activity centre and administration base for our charity.

Jenny's Field (named after a donkey that was popular with the local children and lived here for 30 years) is a place where positive role models are able to demonstrate alternative lifestyles to the ones children are so often socialised into through peer and media pressure.

Jenny's Field has been developed giving top priority to energy efficiency. The best heating system is no heating system, or one that requires minimal use. We have insulated the buildings to a high specification and new double glazed windows have been installed throughout

The roofs carry an array of 40 solar panels so we can generate as much of our own electricity as possible.



Phase 1 & 2

The slideshow above illustrates the various stages of the development up to the end of Phase 2 (August 2012). We have landscaped our 2 acre site to create safe playing areas, attractive screening and two ponds for recreational and educational activities.

Inside we have re-located the kitchen and dining area (left). The old kitchen has now been combined with a former store room and made into a games room (orange room). The former ‘Ladies Parlour’ is now our lounge and is equipped with a flat screen, all singing all dancing TV! (red room).

Phase 2 saw the completion of our main sports hall and function room, (the most colourful room of all…it is a children’s centre after all!) as well as two showers, two more toilets and a drying room for wet weather gear. We also finished the kitchen garden area, as seen in the slideshow as a fenced area in the old car park.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the final and biggest phase of all and as yet we have no funds for it. It will see the conversion of the former “sanctuary” area into the accommodation block. Our fully developed plans have a mezzanine floor creating an upper sleeping area, with en-suite facilities in 5 rooms, each catering for up to 4 children. Phase 3 also creates a craft room, laundry area, and a permanent office.

Until it is developed we are still running weekend activities with the children sleeping in pop up tents. Needless to say, indoor camping is very popular anyway, but the children are excited at the prospect of bunk beds and toilets/showers in their own rooms. Fund raising for this phase will start in earnest in 2013. In the meantime, we have had some fantastic weekends already with the kids, and more are planned in the weeks ahead.